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Sustainable TMB60 Eco Houseboat by TMBoats enters Dutch waters as the largest of its kind

Netherlands – TMBoats, a leading company specialized in the development and construction of sustainable houseboats, proudly announced the launch of their latest model, the TMB60 Eco. This innovative houseboat is now the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, marking a significant milestone in sustainable living and recreational opportunities on the water.

The TMB60 Eco stands out with its impressive dimensions and remarkable sustainable features. With a length of 18.2 meters, a width of 5.25 meters, and a weight of 22 tons, this houseboat offers a spacious and comfortable living environment for residents and guests, without compromising on sustainability principles.

What makes this houseboat unique is the utilization of advanced green technologies. The TMB60 Eco is equipped with solar panels on its roof, making it largely self-sufficient in energy. As a result, its ecological footprint is minimized, and its impact on the environment remains manageable. Additionally, the use of sustainable materials and efficient insulation makes the houseboat highly energy-efficient.

“The launch of the TMB60 Eco is a significant step forward in our efforts to promote sustainability in the houseboat industry,” stated Rob Meeusen, founder, and CEO of TMBoats. “We take pride in offering a houseboat that not only provides luxury and comfort but also minimizes its impact on the environment. We hope this model will be an inspiration for others in the sector to prioritize sustainability.”

With the TMB60 Eco, TMBoats aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly residential alternatives, contributing positively to the preservation of the Dutch water landscape. The houseboat is available for purchase and can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of customers.

With its dedication to sustainability and innovation, TMBoats continues to play a leading role in the development of environmentally friendly houseboats. The TMB60 Eco embodies the company’s vision of providing people with a comfortable, elegant, and green way of living on the water.

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