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Moorings throughout the Netherlands
Houseboat TMBoats 57

For the customer

We currently have multiple berths available across the Netherlands that can be utilised for personal use and/or rentals. Investing in a houseboat for rental purposes can yield significant returns. If you’re intrigued by any of our boats and would like to learn more about the available berths, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

You also have the option of personally looking for a berth. Numerous marinas are available to accommodate houseboats, and more and more are now dedicating special berths exclusively for houseboats.

For marinas

Do you own a marina and are you looking to provide berths to houseboats in your marina? If so, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll add your marina to our database of available berths for our customers to choose from.

Alternatively, as a marina owner, you might consider investing in houseboats that you can rent out from your marina. Or perhaps you would like to create a custom boat that seamlessly blends in with the environment. Again, we would love to hear from you.

Houseboats in your marina
Energy efficiënt
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For municipalities and the government

Although houseboats cannot solve the housing shortage, they can aid in reducing the problem. Due to the scarcity of land for development, living on water has become a more appealing option. The construction industry contributes approximately 6% of the annual CO2 emissions worldwide. Consequently, there are numerous places where development is no longer feasible or desirable due to these emissions. Our construction method, which employs timber extensively, reduces CO2 emissions. As a result, our houseboats can be placed in locations where building construction is not achievable.
The future is moving towards smaller and more energy-efficient living. We often receive inquiries from individuals interested in living on a houseboat. If you purchase or rent a berth from the government, which includes a registered address, it may even be possible to obtain a mortgage for the boat.

The boats themselves also provide great hiding spots for fish, while green roofs offer homes to insects and nesting boxes on the facades serve as breeding sites for swallows. In addition to addressing the housing shortage, we are also providing affordable housing and giving something positive back to nature.

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Waar kan ik je mee helpen?
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