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Since 2002

Construction company Meeusen started out as a small contractor and has since grown into a full-fledged contractor in general civil and utility construction. In 2019, they established TMBoats, which combines their passion for construction and water sports.

Made in Holland

Our workshop in Dronten is where our skilled Dutch craftsmen build our boats. This ensures that we deliver impeccable, high-quality boats that are finished to perfection.

Driven by creativity and challenge

The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity to create something unique. By employing creative thinking, adopting a flexible approach to design, and welcoming challenges, we can produce unique and eco-friendly houseboats that are customised to our client’s specifications, no matter how unconventional their requests may be.

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We have only 1 planet
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Think first

Creating houseboats that are unique and well-designed requires innovative thinking and reinvention. It all starts with a meticulously crafted concept that fully meets the needs of our customers. We call this approach “Perfecting Perfectionism.”

Love for nature

We only have 1 planet, so it’s important that we look after it. That is why we prioritise sustainable construction, utilising recycled and bio-based materials whenever possible. We remain vigilant in keeping up with market trends and advancements, constantly seeking innovative solutions. Our boats are designed with energy efficiency in mind, equipped with solar panels that render them virtually energy-neutral on sunny days. Additionally, our boats actively support the environment, providing shelter for fish and even accommodating green roofs or nesting boxes for swallows.

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